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Top 5 Things to Do in Niagara Falls when taking a tour bus

Niagara Falls has amazing things to offer.  In case you are looking for fun itinerary ideas, take a look at the top site seeing attractions and look for the activities that you cannot miss out on. Irrespective of whether you are planning for your romantic trip or traveling with your family, you can get in touch with some services that will make it an unforgettable trip with Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.

Niagara Falls tours from Toronto

Tours and Activities

Niagara Falls is a popular destination and you should take Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.  Hence, it is filled with must-see places and also things to do. There are various places where you can stay and explore the surrounding areas with the guides on where you need to visit and what to see. Irrespective of how long you stay, it is pretty easy to find places of interest close to Niagara Falls in order to make sure that you enjoy the experience to full extent and do not miss out on anything.

In case you are planning to visit, you should check out handy guides to any place of interest in your area. You need to learn about the popular attractions and plan the details for your trip. There are sites where you will be able to find all the top sites.

niagara falls tours to toronto

Attractions You Need to Check Out

Take a look at some of the attractions around Niagara Falls with Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.

The Falls

The fall had been created as a legacy and has the power to inspire worldly travelers.  The Falls provide an inspiring demonstration of nature’s raw power. The beautiful green color of the Niagara River which feeds the Falls is a result of thee dissolved minerals and limestone which has swept over the Falls in a regular basis. This is no doubt, a stunning site.

Journey Behind the Falls

This is a popular attraction that offers an illuminating view of history and also the physical reality behind the Falls.  However, take some protection to keep yourself dry. Interpretive signs and plaques are known to describe the Falls Facts like how the tunnels had been built and also the detail history of the dare devils.

Hornblower Niagara Falls Tours

The Hornblower Niagara Falls tour will take you to the base of the American Falls, Bridal Veils, and Canadian side of the Horseshoe Falls. You will feel the thundering intensity of the water flow and you are going to see it in ever present mist. Here, even the poncho will not be able to save you if you take Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto  to this place.

Niagara’s Fury

Niagara is capable of shaking the ground beneath your feet.  This is an attraction which will enable you to experience the formation and the creation of the Falls.  The first eight minutes of the show start with the star Chip, the Beaver and explains how the Ice Age lead to the formation of Niagara Falls.  After this, comes the animated geology lesson. You might get wet but the poncho will be able to save you from the cold water.

niagara falls bus tours

Skylon Tower

You can catch the best view of Niagara Falls from above 775 ft by availing Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.  The Skylon Tower provides an incredible view of both the sides of the Falls and also the surrounding areas. You will also find a restaurant, a theatre, and a family center at the top. Get more news on the increasing tourism to Niagara Falls here!

Buy an Armored Car for protection

Do you feel threatened while traveling on the roads? Important personalities, such as government officials, diplomats, military officials always remain under the radar of the anti-social elements. After all, the anti-social elements are against the policies introduced by the government officials or diplomats or other concerned people. They consider important personalities as their enemies. For this reason, they threaten the officials or other important people with dire consequences.

The death-threats don’t deter these important personalities from taking any action. Instead, they prefer to use armoured car during their travels. They know that when they would be traveling in an armored car, nothing can harm them. In short, they would remain beautifully protected from any kind of assaults, such as grenade attack or gunshots.

Armoured Vehicles

Turning on the news channels or while flipping through the newspaper reports, one gets to see that vehicle of important people being attacked or sabotaged. The easy availability of deadly weapons has increased the level of threat of these people. Even if important personalities travel in large contingent, all-inclusive protection was not guaranteed.

This is when car manufacturing companies understood the need to armor the vehicles. When the vehicle gets armored, it can resist all kinds of attacks and assaults. For instance, a prominent automaker company, Ford, after the attacks in Washington D.C and in the New York City, decided to come up with armoured car for the commoners.

The company resolved to come up with Lincoln Town Car, which was styled as the Ballistic Protection Series. The best thing about this armored vehicle is that it replicated the look of a normal car. However, it came with high-end armoring features in them.

Knowing the Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car was not like the conventional cars made by Ford. The BPS was not like the special edition cars, such as Regatta Edition, Cartier, Jack Nicklaus, and others. Usually, the special edition cars used to come with leather seats, built-in cell phones, fancy wheels, decorative paint trim, and moonroofs. However, BPS or the Lincoln Town Car changed the game.

The armoured car for Lincoln Town Car started to come with heavy armoring. The vehicles could be maneuvered in a beautiful way in order to escort people to a safe location. Hence, in times of danger, important people can be easily taken to a safe location without getting slightly injured.

armoured car

Creation Criteria

The Lincoln Town Car can be considered as popular armored cars. However, Ford was determined to keep the look of the armored car same as the unarmored version. The discreet style could prevent its identity of being armored and can fool the attackers easily.

The company worked with the manufacturers to introduce a bullet-proof glass for the windows of the armoured car. It used ballistic-steel covered with synthetic fibers for the body of the vehicle. The ballistic steel could protect occupants from bullet shots or explosions. The tires are designed in such a way that even after getting flat; the car can run away at a top speed.

When thinking about armored vehicles, one can get to see various models available. One can choose their preferred armoured car as per their requirement. Catch the latest armored car news here!

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